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Hello from england!


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Jul 6, 2010
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hey everyone i'm Connor from england.

still waiting for my iphone 4 as apple seems incapable to keep up with demand.. lol
extremely worried about scratching the screen when i get it, and not a huge fan of the screen protectors as I've never seen an iphone with one without any bubbles, and that would annoy me so badly.
I think it's stupid that the iphone can scratch as i have a 1st gen itouch and the screen hasnt got a single scratch on it..

anyway thats me

Welcome from Texas! I can't stand screen protectors for that very reason. I carry my phone in my pocket every day and never had a scratch on my 4 or 3GS. I don't put it in a pocket with keys or change tho. So it doesn't scratch as easy as you'd think :)