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Hello from L.A., and question regarding screen protector


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Jul 22, 2010
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hello everyone!
i am totally new to the apple family, I just got my iPhone 4 two days ago, and totally in love with it already. So glad that i find this forum, and able to connect with all the other iphone 4 user here.

Just a quick question, do i really need a screen protector?? and if so, what kind would you recommend me getting?? (I still have the factory screen cover on there, and its getting annoying because it covers the upper speaker)
Depends on how rough you are on phones and If you plan on using it in dirty environments. I personally don't use one but the zagg would be your best bet. Usually BestBuy has them or almost any online store.
It is important when buying a new cell phone, like the new iPhone 4, that you protect
your investment with a screen protector. With so many phones on the market, and the iPhone being on of the most expensive, it would be a wise choice to protect it. There are many different ways to protect a cell phone from damages. There are plastic films, hard cases, and soft cases. Lets take a look and see what is the best way to protect your phone.