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Hello from Bridgeport, WV


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Jun 20, 2010
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Bridgeport, WV
Hey, just found your forum checking out the new iPhone 4, have been an iPhone user (3G) for about two years and have been thinking about the new iPhone, got my phone soaking wet on a motorcycle ride from FL to TN about a month ago (have a handlebar mount for the iPhone and got into an absolute downpour!) Since then, the phone has been acting squirrelly, am sure I did not do it any good... Would like to find out as much as I can about the new iPhone before committing to it, looks pretty good so far!
Use mine on a bike as well but don't think I would dare mount it on the bike, just put it in chest pocket and use headphones!

Welcome to the site and as a personal bit of interest what bike? Sorry can't tell from the small avatar pics on the site, or it could just be my dodgy eyes!
Hey, Brendan002, sorry I didn't respond quicker, have really been busy they last couple of days and not much time to spend at the forum! We have an '08 Honda Goldwing, got it on Memorial Day '09 and have ridden it a little over 17,000 miles in it's first year! Really enjoy it, how's the riding in the UK??
anyone have a good recommendation for a bike mount for the iPhone 4?