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Headphone jack output problem following water damage repair


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Jun 24, 2014
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Hi All

This is my first post here. I am learning gradually how to do iPhone repairs. I have just sorted out a water damaged iPhone 5 16GB on EE. I replaced the screen/digitizer which worked but showed sign of water ingress. It was defaulting occasionally to the 'Apple' screen and coming up with NAND errors. I determined this was caused by corrosion/deposits on the connectors on the logic board. I cleaned these with Isopropyl alcohol which remedied this fault.

The main problem was that music would not play out through the main speaker, the headphone output was very quiet and 'in call' it only worked through the main speaker and not the ear speaker. I determined that water damage had shorted the headphone jack making the phone think that an external speaker was attached all the time when it wasn't. I therefore changed the charging port/headphone jack/microphone assembly. This restored all functions except that the headphone output jumps from right to left speaker depending on volume level and crackles and distorts at high volume. I am sure the jack is correctly located. I bought another jack/charger/mic assembly from the same source and also replaced the main speaker.The problem persists. The terminal for this assembly on the logic board appears clean and I did later try cleaning it anyway to see if it made a difference. I would like your opinions as to whether the motherboard was damaged as a result of the original shorting of the headphone jack or if I have just bought 2 faulty new assemblies from the same source. I don't at present have another iphone 5 to do control tests with the parts. Any other thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. The phone apart from minor cosmetic damage now functions A1 in all other respects. Thanks in anticipation!