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Have you Pre-ordered the iPhone?

Will you Pre-order the iPhone 4

  • Yes!

    Votes: 37 75.5%
  • No!

    Votes: 7 14.3%
  • Not Sure yet.

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May 27, 2010
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iPhone 4 Pre-Orders begin June 15th, will you be one of the first?
No, only because I'm looking for it as a gift instead of buying, I will thought if I have to but will be disappointed for sure!
i'm going to pass on the iPhone 4. I may pick it up if it goes to another carrier. It would be nice to see it on T-Mobile (i hate verizon).
I pre ordered mine today, after hours of trying online with Apple.

Only after hitting enter on the shopping cart realizing that they had one letter wrong in my ATT billing address (the one they use to ship to) and ATT is still having so many slow site issues that I still can not fix it.

I guess I will have to try again after things calm down a bit, which probably wont be until late tonight.

There was so many people ordering online from Apples site after 1AM this morning, that eventually after many slow responses and OOOops! statements from Apple, the site crashed. Most of it was the shopping cart portion of the site which caused peoples orders not to continue through. As far as the authorizing that Apple cross checks through ATT's system, that all seemed to be working, slow, but at least working. Eventually Apple closed the site down for repairs/updates around 4AM.
I'm still having issues trying to grab one. :( I've tried AT&T's website, Apple's website, and even the new Apple Store App...
I've tried the Apple site, AT&T site, and the Apple app on my iPad and iPhone and still no luck!
i ordered it as soon as i saw its factory unlocked and for 599 only in the uk apple store:D
Have been trying on both AT&T and Apple all day with no luck until about an hour ago when I refreshed the AT&T site with no expectation and, voila, it took me to the processing page.
I tried Apple's site to pre-order for hours! I finally downloaded the APP just to make sure I at least have one set aside in the Apple store near me. I will keep trying to pre-order and have it shipped, but if I have to I have one reserved for me!
After trying, unsuccessfully, all day, I just now got through at 6:20 to place my order. (west coast). Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy It's ordered and they are still saying it will be delivered on the 24th.
After 12 hours of trying finally got my order placed at 7:30. Then my son decided to have me order one for him, and that one took another three hours, and unfortunately was not in time for launch day. :(
I tried for several hours, finally at about 2:45PM Pacific time it went through. I'm told now they have completely sold out. My conformation email informed me that it would be here on the 24th. I hope that still holds.
When were you told you will have your Iphone??
I pre ord mine at the at&t store and was told it would be
shipped to me overnight. I was just told by a rep that it's
now being shipped between the 23 and the 28 th and things
could change.
So if you wait on line you may get one before the ones that
pre ord.
My confirmation e-mail says it will ship on, or after the 24th, not arrive like my brothers says, but shipped on or after.

After the stress of the IPad fiasco, I am not worried about when I get it so much, if its a week or 2 late, I am fine with it. It will go to the AT&T store and they will contact me when it is in and I can go down their to pick it up
so 24 hours to ship... apple told me i would get it on the 24th not that it would ship on it