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Didnt Pre-Order, will there be phones available?


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Jun 21, 2010
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hey guys I didnt get a chance to pre-order my iphone4 but if I went early enough to the apple store (say 4am) do you think they will have extra Iphone4's available? I called my local apple store and the lady told me they have NO idea how many Iphone 4's they will be recieving...

Will I be wasting my time standing in line only to find out at 7am that Iphone 4's are ONLY for pre-order customers?

There will be some for sure. But the number available will be very low. 4 am? Not sure dude. I personally would not expect one for sure with 3 hours till open. Some people are even camping out days in advance.
im not so sure there will be any left.. but good luck.. so many hundreds of thousands of pre orders and so on. cant hurt to try though
When I called AT&T to check on my order, the hold recording said the stores would open at 7:00 AM rather than the normal 10:00 AM. There might be a line there too.
so basically people will go from a lot earlier like 1am maybe 12? when will u go?
I just called my local authorized AT&T store (not an official store, but a vendor) and they told me that they will have extra phones available and that I CAN come stand in line tomorrow, so what I'm going to do is take my phone to where I originally purchased my iphone3gs and they will give me my credit (reverse upgrade) and then go camp out the next morning at the AT&T vendor store for the phone.
are you going to go? i bet you would have to be basically the first few in line to get one though , so if you go you should go very early
You will get one if you are lucky AND if you are early. Otherwise, you will have to wait.