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Got my phone today


Aug 8, 2010
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My phone came to the At&t store today. I'm really, really impressed. Dannyboy was right, I'm liking it better than my Nexus one.

There is only a couple of things I don't care for which isn't that big of a deal. When configuring my email in the settings, it does not rotate horizontal. The only reason this is a issue is because, I can't type very well vertically but, I'm getting used to it. The other issue is the email, which has been discussed before. I wished it checked them more frequently instead of every 15 min. Unfortunately my domain hosting company only supports push for exchange. I will probably just set up exchange on my own server so I can push emails.

As I said though, both of these issues pale to how much like this phone. The screen resolution is so good it gives me a little bit of a headache looking at it for too long. The design looks a lot better in person.

I could go on and on but, a lot of stuff I like is, no doubt what most of you are already familiar with; having owned Iphones before.
Congrats on getting the phone. Finally right ;)? My wife and I have had it for over a week now and were still playing with it hardcore. The retina display is awesome, I agree with you.
My wife and I have had our phones for abour 3 days and we have not put them down yet. We absolutley love Facetime and are excited about using it when I am traveling on business.
Congrats! Yes, the keyboard is an acquired taste.... But once you use it a few weeks you won't ever care for another slider again ;) Just remember if you feel like you can't hit the right keys first tap... Just hold and slide until you get the right one :)