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got my first mac today :D


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
so i got my first macbook pro today :D loving it.. went for the cheap option with lowest 4GB and 250GB drive but thats good enough..

any one know where to download some good apps maybe cracked like vmware fusion? or other good apps? ive always downloaded for windows. isohunt has some apps but when i downloaded vmwre fusion from there it did not work on my mac.. the keygen did lol but not the installer.dmg
Congrats! Once you go Mac you'll never go back. As far as apps, not sure what you're looking for. I have no knowledge or interest in windoze apps or programming. Since 1987 there's pretty much no app that I wanted that didn't have a Mac version (which was usually better) . Cant really think of anything my systems are lacking.

Give us an idea of what you're interested in and maybe we can recommend some specific solutions.

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Thanks for your reply, i am really liking this mac, i got myself an ichat account and no one on my buddy list lol i dont know any one who uses it.. anyway im using quite a few apps msn,bitrocket, i love camtwist. i feel like a n00b all over again such simple things like renaming folders i couldent work out lmao and the windows chime when you turn on i cant get it to turn off also im so used to installing things and going into program files or desktop shortcut, this thing puts a icon on the desktop and when i click them it says eject and some times un installs it. its very confusing but i guess it will take some getting used to. i think your right though i doubt ill go back.

i dont know i guess i pretty much found most of what i need ftp i did not need unrar app as mac comes with that, chrome..etc i was just interested to see some apps of any sort just to try them out games maybe that work with mac? what sort of apps do you use?

i found one to mute the chime at the start but it did not work :/

btw where do files install? some files go into the applications and some dont i cant work it all out. loving the battery life though never had a lptop last so long lol

do you use irc? like colloquy?
oh yes whats the mac version of snipping tool? also the app where you zoom in and out of the desktop and record it?
Ty phil!:) I've wanted one for a few years now and even though I got the cheapest model it's good. I did not want to pay lots only to find I hate macs lol

Do you use serials for your apps phil?
I got it 3 weeks ago, it so so awesome. I love it :)

nice to see another new mac user. unless you had one before and just got a new one lol

but it is good isent it i thought i would hate the track pad i planned to buy a mouse but turns out the track pad is one of my fav features lol