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Google Maps to Receive Social Traffic and Incident Reports Via Waze


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Google acquired social mapping startup Waze back in June. The search engine giant snatched the deal right as Apple was in the talks of buying it out. Since then, we had yet to see any sort of integration of the buyout from either company. In a new blog post, the Waze team was proud to announce that the social aspect of the service will be coming to Google Maps very soon.

Not only will we continue to outsmart traffic and keep citizens updated via the Waze app and broadcast partners, but Waze real time incident reports will appear on the Google Maps for Android, iPad and iPhone

Google is planning to update the Map application, allowing users to report incidences, traffic, construction and such, right within its own application. This will give more up to date mapping and location services to, already one of the best, GPS services out there. Waze will continue to function as its own standalone application, with features Google Maps doesn't include, but incident reports will arrive in an update soon for iOS and Android.

Source: Waze realtime incident reports now appear in Google Maps for Apple's iOS

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