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Generation 1 iPhone Not loading or being seen by itunes?


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Aug 5, 2014
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Bought this this morning as I've fancied a mk1 iPhone for a while, on powering it up all i get is this, so far its been up for over 2 hours, on looking round forums later ones can be opened with recovery mode, however itunes does not see the device at all, is it a dead-un or can this be sorted?

$00CA7AB8-34A6-4A04-A503-601AFD6AC27E_zpsox84e7ql.jpgpic seems small but should come up bigger as its a 1024x768 image
hiya, ended up taking into a shop in the local town to see if they sort it, i got to the screen saying plug into itunes with a valid sim but managed to JB my way into it, sadly the sim is not reading, its defo a hardware issue so back into town methinks, got two more 2gs coming tho :)
sounds as though the phone is locked to a carrier and needs unlocking if it is not accepting your sim card.