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Frequent crashes. Forced Restores


Sep 2, 2010
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Three times over the past couple of weeks I have found my iP5 dead when I wake up in the morning. The phone had been on the charger all night.
Dead as in crashed. Bricked. Not a dead battery. It did it again last night. When I woke up it would not turn on. I held both buttons down about 30 seconds and it finally came on. Half an hour later it was dead again and nothing would bring it back. It did finally go into DFU and I eventually got it to reset 'as new' and then restore from backup.

In every case it worked fine but sometime during the night, while on a charger, it crapped out. For what it's worth, it happened on two different chargers.

Now, I don't trust the phone anymore. I travel for a living and my phone is my lifeline. What could cause it keep tanking like this? I'm going to take it to the nearby ATT store when I get home from this trip. I'm not due for an upgrade for several more months but I'm going to throw myself on their mercy.

Oh, this started happening after the latest update a couple of weeks ago.

Any idea about what's going on here?

i would go to Apple first, AT&T doesn't seem to kmow much about IOS problems. Also check out your charging device.