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Free Apple iPhone 4 Full Body Protection pay shipping


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Jul 31, 2010
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Hello everyone at iPhone4Forum.net

We want your feedback on our product so, we are running a unbeatable deal right now on our iPhone 4 Full Body Stealth Guards. First 250 customers can get one for free, just pay shipping ($2.85).

Learn more at: Stealth Guards

Here is a little info about our product:
Our scratch resistant material was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from dust and debris. Stealth Guards feature a "Self Healing" technology that allows most dings and scratches to heal after a 24 hours period.
I've ordered one today. Let you know if everything went as promised.
Yeah, what the hay, I ordered it as well.
Ordered one as well! How does your product compare to Zagg's invisibleSHIELD?
Ordered one as well and looking forward to comparing with my Zagg. Just had Ghost Armor installed on 3 family phones so I will have great comparisons.
I haven't received my shipping confirmation either. :-(

Well, a lesson for the future ... there's no such thing as a free lunch :-(
If he finds 250 people, he can buy an iphone 4 :)
When i try to visit the site it gives me 403 forbidden. Is this place legit or not?
This guy has spammed every forum I can find... But only see a few that actually have received it. (becides him saying he got it and it fits great) if it's too good to be true it usually is.... Will see if I ever get one... More than likely they just get em from eBay. ;)