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Find my iPhone 5s app question


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Oct 12, 2013
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Can anyone please tell me do I need to have this app on my Computer for it to work? I am not too sure how it works. Sorry. Thank you for any help on this
No, you do not need to have the app on your phone for it to work on the computer. However, you do need to have find my iphone turned on in settings for it to work on the computer.
I don't have an iMac but I do use my iPad and iPad mini to track my daughter via find my iPhone app... Not often but than again she's not even 13 yet [emoji106] it's a great app

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find my iPhone is more for what it says finding it, and using another iPhone or an iPad is great for it because you can be on the move after it. Apple have another App named Find my friends which is pretty much the same but it's more social and you can see the people that agreed on a map also have the decision to be invisible it's also great for inviting friends to where you are without explaining how to get there.
I know find my friends but I don't use it just find my iPhone lol it does the trick for now. Maybe I should make my kids download find my friends lol
As a mom it's VERY good nowadays to be able to track your kid and if she turns locations OFF mommy will take the phone and that's it. It's a rule. I recommend this to parents I don't find it invading it's my job to know where she is always granted she's home 99% of the time lol

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