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Finally was able to reserve an iPhone 4!


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May 27, 2010
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After trying all day, I was able to finally reserve a 16gb iPhone 4. I'll be down at the Apple store located at the Domain in Austin to pick it up @ 7:00.
woohoo sweet, i was going to do that go to the apple store but the lady promised me id get it on the 24th by post so am too lazy to go there lol and wait through long queues
Congrats! I too reserved an iphone through Apple store app but I canceled it as soon as I pre-ordered it through att. Now I don't have to drive 30 mins to pick it up.
I figured it was worth it to get up early and meet the other iPhone nerds in my area :) I've been mostly playing around with Android phones lately, so can't wait to see what the new OS is capable of.
I am in the same boat. I wanted the experience so I will be in line with my reservation printed out. I'll play with my iPad with the other apple nerds and have a blast.
I spent 12 hours trying and finally got my pre order in but then needed to order another and by the time that one got through, it was too late for the launch day! Would have reserved at the nearest store but that is almost 200 miles away!
thats a long time of trying :O why not go straight to apple and people in us are going to atee and tee??: