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iPhone 6 launch may see 'Reservation Pass' system at Apple Stores


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Mar 22, 2014
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Switch from paper to digital
For the launch of the iPhone 6 on September 19th, Apple Stores will use a new system called Reservation Pass, a report says. During past Apple product launches, people in line have typically been given paper cards specifying the particular model they asked for. This let stores keep rough track of inventory while ensuring that people wouldn't waste their time if a model happened to be sold out.


Under Reservation Pass, people in line will be placed in a virtual queue synced with inventory databases, and sent their reservation via SMS or email. Once their place in line is established, they'll be able to return at any time during the same day. Indeed one of the reasons for switching systems is said to be allowing people to deal with outstanding problems, like discounts or unpaid bills, without holding up other shoppers. Accuracy is likely another goal, since mistakes were more probable with cards.

New training materials were reportedly issued to Apple Store workers Wednesday morning. It's unknown if the company will use Reservation Pass internationally or only in the US.


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