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Discussion in 'iPhone 3G' started by Ikram232, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Mar 8, 2014
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    Hello everyone, I have an iPhone 3G here, and I restored it successfully but I am having a problem with my battery indicator on the top right and when it is charging. When it is charging, it just stays red but there is full charge really.
    It just stays like that, I cannot restore it because my baby cousin actually manged to break the plastic around the SIM card and I think when it restores, it will ask me for SIM card which I cannot put in, also I cannot jailbreak it because the Power Button is broken so I cannot bypass the Activation Screen! Somebody please help!

    EDIT: I managed to take a screenshot by really forcing the power button but I cannot hold it down in order to get DFU Mode!
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