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FaceTime alternatives?


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Jul 21, 2010
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Hello! I'd like to compile a list of the various apps on the iPhone that allow video chat besides FaceTime.

Fring had video chat capabilities with skype, that is, until they got in a little tiff.

iChatr was that "Chat Roulette" program that hooked you up with a random person. It was quickly pulled from the app store after too many guys were showing their naughty bits.

I heard that Yahoo! Messenger just announced its video chat capabilities, which is great!

It would be cool if MSN messenger or Skype offered the video chat capabilities, as well as Google.

If anyone finds another app that has video chat capabilities, particularly the ability to chat with someone on a computer, that would be great.

I'm sorry I didn't read, but I did read the title and I'll have to say you should try Tango.
Tango is a fantastic app imo and it's capable of making video calls to andoirds also! even if there's no front camera you can use the back and if u do have both a front and back camera there's a switch to change em back n forth
it's a very good app that makes Fring look like a retard
lol random ppl? just like there was an app where you take random pics and send them out and ppl took pics of their.... and there was a button saying report, and ppl would say please dont report me LOL