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Facebook won’t unlink from my McDonald’s app


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Jul 26, 2021
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Caoi everyone. For some time now I’ve been having trouble unlinking my Facebook from my McDonald’s app . I have done the things it says to to this . Settings, apps, x by McDonald’s app to remove it from blah. Turned off the platform. When I place my order it asks me how do i to login and I’ll click say my email. The i do that and it still says something like “looks like you used Facebook in the past for login “. So I still try to use my google, my email or simply Apple . It immediately tries to act like I’m new and create a login 😒. I can’t get past this and I’ve done the steps it says to unlink it. I can’t think of anything else to do
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Welcome to iPhone Forums, TracyAnn!

I’ve removed the screenshot with your email address in it, for security reasons.

When you logged in to the McDonald’s app for the first time, did you do that via Facebook?