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  1. T

    Facebook won’t unlink from my McDonald’s app

    Caoi everyone. For some time now I’ve been having trouble unlinking my Facebook from my McDonald’s app . I have done the things it says to to this . Settings, apps, x by McDonald’s app to remove it from blah. Turned off the platform. When I place my order it asks me how do i to login and I’ll...
  2. DaveM

    Tapatalk not working with iPhone forums

    Starting yesterday I can no longer login to these forums using Tapatalk. Any other Tapatalk users out there having the same issue? Anyone know why this might be?
  3. A

    No able get on Wifi network

    My wife has an iphone 6s plus. We have a community gym with open Wi-Fi. However there is a pass code gate i.e. you have to login every time by entering the pass code in the browser. I’m an android guy through and through. I have absolutely no issue getting on the gym Wi-Fi. As soon as my phone...
  4. D

    Trouble after restore . Plz help .Bottle of port wine reward to solution

    Dear Iphoners, Some random guy came to me with an iPhone 4S to sell at a fair price. Before considering any business I saw Imei and serial number. With those numbers went to sites and I found that was not on the blacklist (hence not stolen) was not locked in icloud and was even unlocked by the...