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Facebook Adds Photo/Video Sharing Exention to Messenger for iOS


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
We all use it. We all like it. We all hate that it's a separate app. Of course I'm talking about Facebook Messenger for iOS. Since last year, Facebook made it mandatory for Messenger users to download the standalone app, causing us to switch from one app to the other when peeping our News Feed. It gets a tad bit annoying.

Luckily on Tuesday, Facebook made it a little easier to send photos/videos to your friends via extension. This means that if you're looking to said a friend a photo/video, you can simply do it from within your Photos app(or any app with photo/video sharing) with the Facebook Messenger version 22.0 update.

The new Messenger extension can be found when going into a share menu in an app, the scrolling to the More option, and turning on sharing with Messenger. The extension then allows you to app a caption and choose recipients of the message.

Facebook Messenger 22.0 is now available from the App Store for free.