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Error 21, Error 3194, Error 1604, Error 20


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Sep 20, 2012
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Hello guys, this is my first ever post on an iPhone forum, Never had any problems with any iPhones I've ever owned but this one is plain annoying. I bought an iPhone just yesterday for my brother and I've been trying to restore it, When I first got it the restore wouldn't happen and it kept saying Error 21. I then Googled Error 21 and after that got out of the way Error 3194 became another barrier.Basically I'm stuck in recovery, In the past day I've downloaded so much stuff onto my computer and fixed and deleted my hosts so many times I may have gotten a virus. Anywho, I've tried almost literally everything for these errors and I keep getting them. What do you think it is? I've tried tinyumbrella, iReb, changing hosts, the only thing I haven't tried yet is RedSn0w and I'm not sure that will even fix it, please help I still haven't even used this iPhone. I've almost been doing this since I bought it yesterday, thank you.

Its an iPhone 4 16gb for AT&T
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