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Erratic phone behavior


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Apr 13, 2011
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I have noticed several issues with my I5 recently. I seem to get all sorts of different behaviors from my phone with incoming items. For example I will get some SMS messages that come in fine. I get the notice sound and vibration and its all good. Other times I get only a vibration for an incoming message. Still other times I get absolutely nothing. I pick up the phone and look at it and there is a message but the phone never vibrated or made a sound. I tend to miss a lot of messages that way. I get the same thing with email. Sometimes it works as expected, other times it does something completely different.

I have also noticed my calendar is messed up. My calendar syncs with a corporate exchange account. I recently noticed that there are events on my phone calendar that are on the wrong dates or sometimes are completely missing. I discovered it a few weeks ago on some upcoming birthdays. I have two friends that have a birthday tomorrow, the 3rd. On my outlook calendar all the dates are correct but on my phone the 3rd has nothing listed but both birthdays are showing on the 4th. I have numerous other events that are the same way.

Not sure how long it has been this way. I'm still on IOS 6.1.4. The issues with varying behaviors for message and email notice has been going on a while and seems like its getting worse. Has anyone else notice these weird issues?

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