Emoji quality vs image quality

Discussion in 'iPhone iOS' started by DaveM, Jul 6, 2017.

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    I use an emoji in one of my 6s email signatures. I wanted to change it to an image, but of course images have to be greatly reduced in size to make them roughly the same as an emoji. When I do this the image resolution is so low that the image looks terrible. I don't know how Apple makes emojis look so sharp at their small size. I'm looking for any ideas of how to use an image and yet keep the quality of an emoji.

    I see that there are apps which can convert an image to an emoji, but they require using a second keyboard, and all I really want to do is insert the image/emoji into my signature. It's not something I need to use regularly in texts. And I don't know how the quality would compare to native emojis anyway. Any ideas, or comments that can shed light on this are appreciated.

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