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  1. DaveM

    Emoji quality vs image quality

    I use an emoji in one of my 6s email signatures. I wanted to change it to an image, but of course images have to be greatly reduced in size to make them roughly the same as an emoji. When I do this the image resolution is so low that the image looks terrible. I don't know how Apple makes emojis...
  2. J. A.

    Photos with the iPhone SE

    I'm sure some of our members use their iPhone SE for taking pictures. It's camera equals the one on the 6s, which means you can also take great pictures with it. So, if you're taking photos with your SE, please share them with us!
  3. J. A.

    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    The new iPhones will have great cameras, with new features, so I expect even more beautiful pictures taken with these devices. Please post your photos with this great device in this thread! I look forward to seeing what's possible with the new cameras. It's quite possible that I'll...
  4. ro861

    Photos with the 6s

    Train entering in station, by night Made with my 6s ( not +). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk