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Emails already read are always downloading as unread to iphone..


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Oct 19, 2011
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Hi I am a new member...And new iPhone user.

There may be a simple solution but I have searched here for days before joining, and I have googled with no luck.

Why does email downloaded to my iPhone come in marked unread, when I have already read it on either the PC or my IPad?

I use Yahoo mail...and on my iPad...when you check for mail...it will download both read and unread emails accordingly. With the iPhone....it's always marked as unread. This means if it's been a while since I have checked my mail from my iPhone, I have a huge number of already read emails marked as unread. It's very annoying to have to either go and click each one to remove the red dot....or just let it go and watch the numbers go up and up on the indicator.

I have checked my settings and can't find the problem....what's really a mystery to me is why this doesn't happen on the iPad but it does on the iPhone.

Thanks for any help you can give.