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Smokey Bear

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Mar 27, 2015
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Since the last IOS update neither I nor my family can send an email from our contacts. Emails from email app are fine. Is there a fix?
Welcome to iPhoneForums, Smokey Bear!

Does this happen every time you try to send an email from the Contacts app?

Just a test: make sure the Mail app has been closed before you try sending an email through Contacts. Force close the app, then open Contacts and try sending again.

To force close, double tap the Home button to show the multitask bar. Then slide the picture above the Mail app icon towards the top of the screen.

If this works, it's a glitch, experienced by a few other iPhone users as well.
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Will not send from iPhone, iPad, force close it will send one time, then will not send again until force close
As far as I know there's no workaround, it seems you'll have to force close the Mail app every time you intend to send an email from Contacts.

If you updated your device over the air (Settings - General - Software Update), restoring using iTunes could help.
After restoring, reset your device. This won't remove data or settings. To reset, press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo appears. Let go of both. The iPhone will power up on it's own.

You can also try this reset before you restore. Maybe it will help getting rid of this glitch.

In any case, you can send feedback to Apple, so they are aware of your problem:
Apple - iPhone - Feedback