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editing apps xml files on the iphone?


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
hey guys..

so i managed to find ssh for my iphone 4 with out jailbreak, it just means i have to use the usb, well with the version i found. i am sure there are other better ones but this is the first free one i found so i stuck with it..

any way its called iphone explorer for those who care. but my question was. i downloaded one of the .xml files from a game called froggy jump so usually you can buy upgrades the the games "currency" you get these blue gems so in this xml file has all the "prices" and you can set it with text editor or another xml editor to 0 and get a tone of free gems. but when i change it to 0 and re upload it the game says invalid name.xml file and it messes up is any one good with this type of thing and knows how to stop the game crashing? maybe this is something he set up so if you modify the xml it crashes? is that possible? or should i be using something better then text editor on the mac?