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Dropped iphone from 1foot


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Jun 8, 2014
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Hi guys

I dropped by iphone 5 from about 1 foot of the ground, it dropped on the top near the power button.

The screen is still fully visible however it has lost its touch, I cannot seem to unlock it or use it in anyway.

Was wondering how I would go about fixing it?

Also I was wondering how I back up it with a pass code on it.

Thanks in advance
All I could suggest is to take the phone to the Genius Bar and see if there is anything they can do to help.
More than likely the drop has jarred the digitizer connecton from the touch screen to logic board. If you're tech savvy, you can open the phone up quite easily and check the connection yourself. Or, a appointment and trip to the Apple Genius Bar (or a local iPhone repair shop) is most likely needed.
OOPS. I would go to the closest shop and hopefully it can be repaired easily.
Here's a step by step how-to that shows how to removed the display assembly. Really easy, IMO. Step #8 shows the connections for your front camera/sensor, LCD display, and the digitizer. More than likely, if it's just the touch screen that isn't working, the digitizer connection is loose or the ribbon itself is damaged.

iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement - iFixit
Thanks for the info guys

I might try and open the phone tonight and see what's going on in there. I though the entire screen was damaged and was going to order a new one.

Thanks again
I bought a set of screw drivers/repair kit from the net and it doesn't have one of those "suckie" things to pull screen out with. In trying to locate one of those now to remove the screen
Took it apart. Took off all ribbons, cleaned the dirt and reattached again. No working.

Any other suggestions?

Unfortunately, the next step will most likely need to be a screen/digitizer replacement. Perhaps there's a mobile electronics repair shop close to you that will have replacements on hand. That way, they can test a the replacement screen on your phone before you purchase one.
dang sorry broheen :(

did you have a case? This is a reason I am a big fan of cases, and I feel like my 5s case make the phone look and feel even sexier. I got it 20$ off ebay, dropped my phone from my friend's lifted f150, fall was probably 5 ft - got a ding/scratch on the case which i replaced, but no damage at all to the phone!

Hope you can get it fixed cheap. hate the idea of paying 50% of a phones price to fix it.
Well finally after 6 weeks using an iPhone 4s and trying to fix the screen with no joy I'm back usingi iphone 5. What a difference.

Purchased a new screen for £30 and fitted it myself, no problems in doing so.

It'll keep me going now til iphone 6
Glad to hear you resolved your problem.