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Do Not Disturb mode as a call blocker


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Apr 1, 2015
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Hi folks!
like so many, I'm blessed with dozens of phone-spammers. I've been using the "Block this Caller" function - which works - but doesn't work because the spammers spoof a different caller ID at least daily, sometimes twice a day.

I've been reading up on call blockers - I'm on a 5s / AT&T / not jail broker|whatever - and seems there's precious little - as in none?

I'd like to block all calls except those on my contact list. any valid caller with my cell number will leave a message - the rest I never want to hear from again (g)

so far I've been spared the spam Messages/Texts issue - so blocking SMS isn't a big concern.
I see the suggestion to make the default ringtone "silence" and assign ringtones to contacts - works but a bit of a pain in setting up ringtones for every contact number....

I see also the Do Not Disturb Mode - which when set at Manual ON sends everything to voicemail _but_ has an exception list possibility of "All Contacts" - seems to do precisely what I'm looking to do.

I was tempted to blast Apple for not addressing the we-spam-the-world types, but if the Do Not Disturb works per my impression, it does accomplish that.

am I missing something? any hidden gotcha's with the phone "permanently" in Do Not Disturb mode?
I do use the Bluetooth connection when driving - but that shouldn't be affected....
The do not disturb mode is only effective when the screen is off and locked. If the screen is on, with navigation apps for example, do not disturb has no effect.
I think I can live with that - if I'm using the phone for something I can certain ignore incoming calls from (in my case ...) Idaho and the like.

"locked" - just to clarify,,, locked as in just slide to on the thingie at the bottom? or "locked" as in code needed to unlock?

a follow-up... all those previously blocked numbers (probably 200+) ... looking for where to unblock them if this Do Not Disturb thing works out....

appreciate the help!
As soon as the screen turns off it should be locked as far as do not disturb is concerned.
But doesn't this have any affect?


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But doesn't this have any affect?


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It will silence them, but they'll still be received if the phone is unlocked and in use at the time, they just won't make a sound but will show up in notifications and the recent calls list.