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deleting personal data

Jul 20, 2015
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Preparing to recycle my 3g. I have found - I think - how to delete personal data and restore the phone. That appears to be successful. But, when I turn on the phone it shows the phone number attached to the phone. Any way to delete that? Is it necessary to delete it?
Did you go to Erase All Content and Settings?
Erasing all content and settings should remove every information on your iPhone.

Did you have an iCloud ID? Before erasing, did you delete the account/sign out in Settings - iCloud?

Try erasing your device once more, this time using iTunes:
Use iTunes to restore your iPhone iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support
Do not restore from a backup.

Make sure your iCloud account is deleted, and Find my iPhone is not active before erasing your device.
Data on the iPhone is encrypted, the encryption cannot be turned off. When you choose Erase All Content And Settings what happens is the encryption keys are destroyed but the information is left in place. The information remains encrypted and is useless without the encryption keys, so the device is safe for sale because the data isn't recoverable without the keys.