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Picture will NOT delete


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Jun 26, 2021
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This is different to other topics on deleting pictures, in that I have a single picture that will not delete.
I am not synced to any other device, I have tried everywhere I can think of for a solution, but they always deal with general deleting of all pictures.
I can delete all pictures on my phone except this one photo which does not have a recycle bin and says this Copy or Share, no other option at all and this photo has been undeletable since December 2020.
Please don't reply and tell me how to delete all my pictures or the general solutions, This is one single photo that has no option to delete, when all other photos delete as required.


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Mar 5, 2013
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That seems pretty annoying! You may be able to back it up to google photos followed by deleting that photo in google photos. I believe (at least in years passed) it would warn you it would delete from all devices or something along those lines.

I think google photos also had a setting to delete off the phone automatically once it was backed up to the cloud, just delete it from google photos after the fact.

Hope any of that helps! Good luck!

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