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Deleted iPhone Photo Recovery


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Dec 14, 2014
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Trying to help my daughter recover deleted iPhone photos she mistakenly thought were backed up. Apple says deleted is deleted, and they can't be recovered. I have tried a couple of recovery software apps without success and have heard that these don't work, but there are so many out there, figure maybe there are some that do work? Anyone out there have some knowledge of the technical issues at play and the reasons for the contradiction? Is it a matter of the amount of time since the photos were deleted and likely overwritten? How long does this take; days, weeks, months? Would like to get a handle on the issues before I spend much time and money on this.
May I know which iPhone your daughter have, please? If it's iPhone 4 and lower, there are some chance to get back the deleted photos. But if it's iPhone 5 and above, to be honest, for the original photos, deleted is deleted. But there are some chance that you can recover some image thumbnails with this data recovery tool. You can free trial and scan to check if you can find some. Apple has extremely hard rules on its file system, it's really hard to get the privilege to find the data to recover pictures even when it's jail-broken.