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Nov 4, 2013
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Mahopac, ny
Can someone tell me approx. how many GB of data I would use on an average web site say for example 5 minutes. I mostley use wifi but if I am out in the car and I need to look something up on the net, just wondering what the least package I can purchase.
I tested my data usage for 5 minutes, and I used 3.1 mb of data. I was on Facebook, Safari and forum apps. Hope that helps!
Thanks led that gave me an idea, how do you figure out the usage?
Thanks led that gave me an idea, how do you figure out the usage?
Cellular>Reset Statistics Back to 0. Turn off wifi first. Then use online for 5 minutes and go back and see how much was used.
remember that The gauging method being discussed here is only an estimate. Some sites will use more data (particularly ones that uses ads or if you're not using an adblocker or adblocking browser). Images and videos will also play into that of course. 2 GB is plenty for many users (And is the lowest denomination for most carriers), particularly since public free wifi is fairly common in coffee shops and bookstores. I'm on a 2GB plan on my personal phone and I use about 1.3GB at most if I'm streaming a few episodes of shows from Netflix With fairly heavy downloading of documents from my cloud storages.

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Thanks all for your replies, I will try 2 gb as I would only use it sparingly when away from home.