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cydia problem


Feb 1, 2011
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ok big problem, i upgraded to the ios 5 on my iphone 4, everything went great, then i installed cydia tethered and it went great, so i was looking in cydia for ios 5 things to download! the last thing i did was install something for the sbsettings, which put my phone in safe mode, which i couldnt get out of!! i uninstalled the last thing and still kept me in safe mode, then i installed crash reported and it showed me several things which i had no clue what they were but seen winterboard, i didnt install that, so i uninstalled that and it uninstalled cydia, so now ive tried to install cydia again and it just wont install anymore, anybody know why or whats wrong?????


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Apr 11, 2011
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Troon, Scotland
Well, the problem was undoubtedly Winterboard since the IOS5 release is not in Cydia yet, although it is kicking about the interwebz in beta. You no doubt installed something on which it depends so it got installed automatically. Cydia does show you all the apps it is going to install as a confirmation. It's a good idea to double check it. Since IOS5 is so new, it will take a little while for a number of apps to be updated with IOS5 compatibility.
Uninstalling Cydia from a JB device is another poor choice I'm afraid :(
If redsn0w won't put it back on there by re-running, I'd suggest a restore and rejailbreak.

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