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Convert your music to Ringtones


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Jun 17, 2010
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Lubbock, TX
This is a pretty easy way to convert songs into ringtones for free.

Things You'll Need:
  • iTunes
  • Mac or Windows computer
  • Non-DRM song (i.e., one not bought from the iTunes Store)

  1. Step 1
    Open iTunes.
  2. Step 2
    Find the song that you want to make into a ringtone.
  3. Step 3
    Listen to the song and find the part of it you want to use. The chorus may be a good place to start.
  4. Step 4
    Write down the start and stop times of the clip.
  5. Step 5
    Right-click the song and select "Get Info."
  6. Step 6
    Click the "Options" tab.
  7. Step 7
    Type in the start time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Start Time" in the minutes:seconds (i.e., 2:01) format.
  8. Step 8

    Type in the end time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Stop Time." Make sure the ringtone is no more than 40 seconds long.
  9. Step 9
    Click "OK."
  10. Step 10
    Right-click your song again and select "Convert Selection to AAC." Wait for iTunes to convert your song. It will create a duplicate version.
  11. Step 11
    Right-click the ringtone and select "Delete."
  12. Step 12
    Click on the "Keep Files" button.
  13. Step 13
    Find the file. It's usually in your User folder under "Music > iTunes > iTunes Music" and under the band's name. It will have an extension of m4a.
  14. Step 14

    Replace the m4a extension of your ringtone with m4r. You can either double-click slowly to rename your file, or right-click and select "Get Info" on a Mac or "Rename" on a Windows PC.
  15. Step 15

    Click "Use .m4r" or the PC equivalent when the system warns you that the change may affect the use of your file.
  16. Step 16

    Double-click the ringtone file. ITunes will automatically add it to your ringtones folder in your iTunes Music Library.
  17. Step 17
    Connect your iPhone and sync your ringtones.
That doesn't look easy at all lol. I am going to look into this I am sure I can shave some steps off.
That doesn't look easy at all lol. I am going to look into this I am sure I can shave some steps off.

Yes, once you get the hang of it...its not so bad. Just a better option that paying $2/per ringtone. Still clueless on why the itunes store can't sell ringtones that you don't have too pay AGAIN to change the format.....
This way is what I was thinking but someone else already spelled it out.


I am a music producer so I already have the audio editor but there is a free one that is very good called audacity, google it.
I have an easier way, goto (in next post) and it does it for you and downloads automatically into itunes. Just change file format to convert to m4r
yes i agree looks complictaed but after a few goes its dead simple

would be easier to download software though
convert mp3 to aac
chop it up into the required size
and re name file before transfer
Thank you.......thats my very first question answerd! :D
(just registered!:))
any one converted some good ringtones they wanna upload? lol i cant think of any mp3s worth converting