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Connectify Hotspot and iPhone 5S


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Dec 20, 2011
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Daegu, South Korea
Hello guys. I've been having problems using my iPhone 5S on my Connectify Hotspot. I'm using version Pro. Before with my iPhone 4S, I didn't have any problems when I connect to my Connectify Hotspot. Internet through my hotspot is always working. But when I replaced my iPhone 4S with a 5S, I can't use it properly. I can connect to my hotspot but sometimes there's internet, sometimes there's no internet. I know the problem's not with my iPhone 5S because when I go out and connect to Wi-Fi networks outside, I'm not having any problems. I know there's no problem with my Connectify Hotspot too because I can use it with my iPad 3rd Gen without any problems.

I just want to use the Connectify Hotspot here in our dormitory because my data plan is not unlimited. Also, I don't use the dorm Wi-Fi because it is very unstable. Most of the students here use their laptops as their Wi-Fi hotspots.

Hopefully you can help me. Thanks! :)