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Closing Of APPS When Done Using ?


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Nov 29, 2014
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Heard about the desirability of closing out APPS after you are done using.
Said to hit the Home button, twice, quickly, and a bunch of "tabs" seem to appear that presumably are the still open APPS.

a. Shouldn't the APP close itself when one goes to something else, like a different APP, etc. ? Why not ?
Any way of setting something to force it to close automatically ?

b. Tried closing some APPS from this tab view, but could not determine how to.
How do I do it, please ?

c. And I guess I should also ask here: how necessary or desire is it "really" to do so ?
Does it run down the battery faster, use lots of memory to keep open, etc. ?

Does it not use up the battery if you keep all those apps open, even if they are just on standby? @J. A.
Does it not use up the battery if you keep all those apps open, even if they are just on standby? @J. A.
No, it doesn't. On the contrary: if you force close apps all the time, those apps have to restart, which will use up more battery (and RAM) than letting them sit in the background.
For more information, see here:
Stop force closing apps on your iPhone, it's not making it run faster or last longer
and here:
Why force quitting apps to save battery life is a terrible idea
Just a word of caution. If an app (Google Maps for example) is left running in the background it will continue to use data and (because it updates position using GPS) run down your battery at quite an alarming rate. When using any app that uses GPS I normally expect to have the iPhone/iPad on charge.

That said, for apps that do not use GPS, I agree with @J. A.
If you do desire to close the app, you would swipe up on the thumbnails after double clicking the home button.

I have heard that Facebook runs quite a bit in the background and use a bit more battery, but that may be old info. That being said, I check my battery percentage every once in a while and if I see that something has been using battery with background activity, I will close it. Or, I will close an app if it's one I don't use very often.
There are some apps that need closing after using, such as GPS, FaceBook and Tapatalk. They tend to use a lot of battery.
I generally don't force close an app unless it's giving me problems or it's an app that uses location in the background when it's not needed and doesn't offer the option of accessing location services only when using the app.
What ever GPS chip Apple is using, it's way more efficient than what was used in the iPhone 4s and older models. I've noticed the iPhone 5, 5s and 6 lasts considerably longer battery life.

This is not to say it's still isn't draining your battery, but not as bad as it did years ago.

On the other hand the BT chip used in the 5, 5s, 6 uses more battery ONLY for data transfers and apps that use it for data back and forth. This does not apply to BT headsets. I run an ODB-II BT device on my iPhones and it drains my battery very fast! I can't explain why audio is fine, but data chews the battery life.
I don't force close many on a regular basis. I have been Facebook and TapaTalk. Both run in the background a lot. But I haven't done All apps in over 2 years. Most apps sitting in multitasking are not running. And most that do run, only do so for a short time. So, as J. A. said, it's not necessary to close them unless they misbehave.
One of the reasons Facebook runs in the background so much is that it registers itself as a voip service, and this runs regardless of your Background App Refresh settings. This is why I uninstalled it and just use the website in Safari.
Tapatalk doesn't drain my battery because I'm running a version from almost 2 years ago. I refuse to upgrade due to extreme poor reviews on all newer versions. Also I don't have an account with tapatalk or register with them, but only the few forums I visit am I registered. So TapaTalk doesn't try to keep me up to date with all new posts, only when I visit the forums do I know of new posts.

I'll stop now before I get banned for ripping the newer versions of TapaTalk......