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charging icon is gone !!!


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Dec 21, 2010
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iphone is charging but there is no battery charging icon (the lighting like icon in the battery ) on the screen on the top right. I do see the battery icon getting empty and full when its charging but i dont see the lighting icon anymore when i charge it there is also no big charging icon on the lock screen. and there is also no sound when i put. the charger in the device. There are no icons at all that indicate the phone is charging. but my percentage works and the battery icon itself works also. anybody know how to make the battery charging icon work again or what to do ?
yes its jailbroken and i am on firmware 4.2.1
Reboot your phone and rerun redsnow to get it out of recovery. You will loose all jailbroken tweaks in the process...
i had already rebooted my iphone with redsnow after it happened, than i clicked the '' just boot tethered right now'' option. i did not loose anything and the problem was still there. which option i must choose instead, coz there are 4 options?
Di you reboot or just turn the phone off? I don't know the options are as im not using redsnow until the untethered jailbreak is released. If you list them it might give me a better idea.

If all else fails I would just restore and rejailbreak. You don't need to worry about SHSH's as your on the latest firmware. Make sure to preserve your baseband again if your unlocked...
i turned it off and then redsnowed it. becauze i cant reboot, the system freezes when i try to reboot it. But this was also before the missing charging icon.

When i turn the iphone off i tether it.. With ios 4.2.1 u have 4 options in redsnow :

1) Install cydia

2)install custom bundle

3)just boot tethered right now

4)just enter pwned dfu mode right now

the first time u jailbreak ios 4.2.1 u have to choose option ''1) install cydia'' first. That will install cydia and after that when the device turns off and u want cydia or installous apps to work u have to choose option ''3) just boot tethered right now''

i think i will restore everything once the new jailbreak comes out, and than do a fresh install of everything

my iphone is locked, so i dont need to preserve the baseband right?
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Yes you have to run it twice the first time. If it's bothering you that much then there's no harm in restoring just now.

You only need to preserve baseband if your phone is locked and you wish to use it on a different carrier...