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3gs repair


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Oct 5, 2011
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Hello all, I am having trouble with my 3GS and I am looking to the good people of this forum for help.

I've had a 3Gs for a while now. Some time ago, the battery died and wouldn't charge. I bought a new battery and replaced it and it worked for 30 minutes then it died again.

When I plug it in, it says it is charging. As soon as I unplug it, it turns off.

It will not turn on while it is plugged in, no matter how long I keep it plugged in for. All I get is the charging icon.

At first I thought the charger dock might be broken but it can't be because the phone is recognizing the actual charge. My battery has been tested and is also fine. I'm thinking it might be the motherboard?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!
Take it to Apple store if there is any in your location.
The reason why I am posting on here is because I would rather fix it myself rather than pay some ridiculous fee imposed on me by the Apple store.

For example, when I went to them and said I want the battery to be changed, they said they have a $50 inspection fee and then the battery replacement would be about $150. Meanwhile, I bought the battery for less than 4 bucks and replaced it myself.

The 3Gs is years old and certainly isn't under warranty.
Less than 4 bucks for the battery i highly doubt you got a genuine apple battery that could be your problem!
It is not a genuine Apple brand battery but the battery is not the problem. To verify this, I tried it in my cousin's 3Gs and it works and charges fine.