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Change the name of the device


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Oct 21, 2010
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My iphone4 is connected by bluetooth to a visor mounted speaker, and everytime I get into the vehicle, it connects and says " Connected to administrators iphone"...

How can I change this to say " Connected to Rons Cell"...

I have looked into itunes but cannot change it......Can this be done?

Sounds like its a setting in the unit not the phone. I don't think any settings are personal as far as bluetooth goes. The only way to change the "name" of your phone is in iTunes just right click on your phone and rename when it's syncing.
Thanks for the reply

However it is still a problem for me to change the name.. Right clicking does not open any menus for me when I try it....I am on a PC..

Please advise



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on the left hand sidebar in itunes the same "name"of your phone is there.
just click on it till it highlights(like changing any other file name in windows),change to "Ron's iPhone",hit enter and it will sync....now it should work in your car like you want.
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Hi there

I have an iPhone 4 but I want to be able to connect to my bluetooth properly. I can connect fine, but I want the names to be changed. For example:

I go to Settings>General>Bluetooth and I get this screen:
Bluetooth > |On|||||

MainBlue >
Samsung >
Samsung >
"Bunch of random letters and numbers"

Notice how two are the same? Well..I want to change one of them so I know which is which. Could you help me?