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Change Mail Type from POP to IMAP


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Feb 19, 2015
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My email is currently setup as a POP account on my iPhone. I would like to change it to an IMAP account because I am now using Outlook on my work computer (and I want to be able to see the messages on each device). Previously, I was using webmail on my desktop. I know how to set up the account but want to make sure that I won't lose my old email. Since the email server allows both, I don't think that I will lose any old mail. Can someone please comment on my situation.

Thank you for your response. My issue is not with the settings - I have the correct incoming and outgoing server settings.

If you could verify the following, I would be appreciative:
1. I will have to delete my POP account and create an IMAP account on my iPhone
2. I will NOT lose any email in the process
You will have to delete the existing email account on your iPhone. It's not possible to change from POP to IMAP in the settings of the account.

I can't tell you for sure whether or not you'll lose emails when you delete the account and reinstall it as IMAP.
Don't delete the Webmail account and you should be OK providing you haven't selected "Remove emails from Server" on your iPhone POP account. If you have, turn this off, forward important emails back to yourself so they reappear in your Webmail account's Inbox, then create the IMAP account on the iPhone.

A tad convoluted, but I believe this will work!

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