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Cant restore to ios 5.1.1


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Aug 10, 2012
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Guys, since the release if ios 6, i know that it is not possible to restore to a desired earlier firmware now like ios 5.1.1, i m getting error 3194. So i did a research, i did find about using Tinyumbrella, but it gives me error 11.

And i did also find, Stitching SHSH blobs to firmware to restore by redsnow to create a IPSW that i can use to restore. the process went through, i already passed prepation and verification with apple, i think it is almost done when suddenly, it gives error -1, and cant get me out of recovery after the error.

I tried Recboot to help me escape from recovery mode, but still im stuck on it. I dont want to restore to ios 6 yet. So now, i dont what else can i do? Please help guys.