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Cant remove weather icon


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Aug 23, 2011
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i installed an from cydia called weather icon. it changes the look of the stock icon depending on the weather where U are and also puts the temp in a red badge..

i am trying to remove this app however-

it does not appear in my packages in cydia for me to remove
in the cydia "store" it shows as NOT installed on my phone.
if i hold down to get the wiggle icons no x for me to tap so can't do it that way...

i have tried (all with no success)

hard reset
reinstalling it from cydia - still does not show up in my cydia package list
cydelete - even that didn't work

i have been thru every inch of that phone at least 20 times (no exaggeration) and can't find anything..nothing by another name.. nothing showing installed.. the only thing i can find and from what i have read on the web may have some relation is something called "lib weather".. i'm thinking maybe i need to delete that too ?