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Can't delete photo library on iphone


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Mar 2, 2012
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I'm having trouble deleting the photos from my photo library on my iphone. Checked the forums and found some tips, but none have worked for me.

Tried this:
-Hook your phone up to your itunes
-select your device
-select the photos tab
-click the box that says "sync photos from"
-on the drop down menu check "choose folder"
-in the box that pops up select "new folder"
-make a new folder with no contents and hit "choose" button
-hit "apply".......then all you will have left is your camera roll once sync is complete
Unfortunately at the end of the sync I get this message: "The iPhone “Becky's iphone” could not be synced because the sync session failed to finish."

Also tried just unselecting "sync photos" from iphoto and it asks me if I want the pics removed from my phone. I select "yes", it syncs, but the pictures are still there afterward.

Any ideas?
I think you can plug your phone in and then go to computer click on iPhone and keep clicking what ever folder pops up till you see your pics and delete from there....
Do you have Photo-Stream turned on in the iCloud section? If so, you have to turn it off to delete the folders/photos on the iPhone itself.
Thanks, tried both of those, but they didn't work. Going to my computer, I can delete the pictures on the camera roll, but nothing from the photo library shows up. The photo stream is turned off also.
Thanks anyways!