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Cannot install official Google Map App due to my Location


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Oct 1, 2015
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Hey Guys,
I have iPhone 5 - iOS 8.1.3.
I am from Pakistan.

I am facing an issue while installing official Google Maps. The official Google Maps app is not shown in Pakistani App store. When I searched for the Google Map app in Google, I found a link to the official Google Maps App. I opened the App store link from Google SERPS but I wasn't allowed to install because the App was in USA store and message appeared that the Google Map App is not available in Pakistan store.

I changed region in apple ID, & in iphone ... and upon installation, app store switches me to Pakistani store and message appears that specified Google maps is not available in Pakistani store.

Is there any solution to install the Official Google Map App?

I asked the question here, but didn't receive any reply: discussions.apple.com/thread/7231857
Welcome to iPhoneForums, ali.iphoneuser!

If it's not possible to change Country/Region in your existing Apple ID, create a new ID with a new email address (works with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo), using an address in the USA as your region. If you have a friend there, use his address.

Here's what you need to do:
First create a new email address, using one of the options I've mentioned above. Make sure you can get emails there.

Then use your iPhone for the next steps:
Sign out of your Apple ID in the App Store app. Go to Safari, search for the link to the app (Google Maps) again and select it. When it opens in the App Store, tap "Get". You'll be asked to sign in with an Apple ID. Choose "Create Apple ID". Set up the ID with "None" as payment method, enter an address in the USA in Country/Region. After setting up the ID, you'll have to verify it, before you're able to use it.
As soon as the ID has been verified, you can download free apps in the US App Store. If you wish to revert to your country's store, sign out in App Store - Featured, and sign in again with your first ID.

The apps purchased/downloaded with a different ID than the one visible in App Store - Featured, will ask for the password of the ID from the ID with which they were purchased, when an update is available for them.

Hope that helps.
J.A thanks for the reply..
I have tried this with my existing account as I have mentioned.
But let me create a new email ID with USA address. I will try this.
This doesn't work with every email account. If your account isn't one of those I mentioned, it's very likely that you can't create an US Apple ID.
So, you simply mean that I cannot use Official Google Maps app?
That's not what I said.

It's possible that you can't change your current Apple ID to a different country (if there's still some balance, or if you subscribed to iTunes Match, e.g.).

In that case create a new Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo account and set it up with the USA as country. Then you'll be able to get the app.

Thanks for your valuable tip.I am a novice iPhone user and was much frustrated about lack of Google maps in Pakistani store. I tried your tip and it's working 100 percent. Thanks once again for your great help.