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Can I get iphone 4


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Jul 5, 2010
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Mexico city
Hi ,on this summer im planning to go on vacation to USA and im really interesting in buying an iphone 4 (do i have any chance to get doesn´t matter im not USA citizen and obviously dont have AT&T contract?),And how could i get it?
In the US they are only sold on contract. So it would be better to buy an unlocked one from the Apple Store or as last resort eBay.
Really? I thought us had them im free also? Some one pasted sim free prices before weeks
Nope, only locked to AT&T..... When you buy thru the apple store in the us you havetoo startup a AT&T plan.
Oh that sucks. For me it's sim free or nothing, but no wonder the unlock tools are still so popular in the us. I am here in the uk and for the first time they have it sim free even the 3GS was locked to carriers. In Cyprus it's always been sim free but they charge 1000 plus euros! Rip off. So in the us your stuck with a tee and tee unless you unlock
o that sucks because when it comes to mexico it is going to have an elevated price and i thought maybe i could have a chance to get there(USA) because i read somewhere on other forum that a guy got the iphone 3g by saying it was a present to a friend and that friend has already a contract with AT&T and obviously you cannot ask him his contract info beacuse is a surprise, do you think this may work for me too
LOL prolly not. Even if they sell it full price to an att customer the price is still like $699. You might as well buy one off ebay and save trying to fool a salesman and still pay out the nose for it...
well then how can he get one? you would need a contract? unless they would be willing to let him buy it on pay as you go? or get some one to buy one for you who lives there. imo your better off getting one from elsewhere then you can get it sim free
Yup, sim free or unlocked from the uk apple store. There isn't any pay as you go iPhones in the US. :)
I would hte to be in the us... No good choice of carrier or payment plans. I never get contract any more I spend way too much lol
In my opinion Att is great! But yea some are not so lucky to live in an area with good coverage....