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iPhone 4 CAN Run on T-Mobiles 3G Network?


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Sep 26, 2010
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Okay, so i just called T-Mobiles Technical Support and got this lady who sounds like she didnt understand what im asking but she seemed to answer the information im looking for. She said that the 4G Network goes on HSPDA which is something the iPhone 4 does not support BUT the 3G network goes on UTMS which is something iPhone 4 CAN support.

Btw, im talking about T-Mobile USA

Here are the pages to the iPhone 4 specs:
Apple - iPhone 4 - Size, weight, battery life, and other specs

Can someone help me clear this?

The Iphone does 3g at 1900 mhz, Tmobile uses 1700 and 2100, at the same time. The Iphone is not able to do 3g on T-mobile.
It would be like trying to listen to AM radio with and FM only radio.....