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T-Mobile Announces Rollout of iPhone-Compatible Network


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Jun 18, 2010
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T-Mobile just took another step towards finally getting the iPhone today with the announcement that it is to expand its current 4G network. 9to5 Mac reports that T-Mobile says that it has just entered into a $4 billion agreement with Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks in order to improve 4G reception in the US in 2012. T-Mobile also announced that it will be rolling out its 4G LTE network in 2013, and, most importantly as far as iPhone users are concerned, it will also be rolling out its iPhone-compatible HSPA+ (4G on AT&T) networks by the end of this year. T-Mobile says that the new iPhone-compatible HSPA+ networks will be launching in a “large number of markets”. Although T-Mobile has made mention of the fact that the iPhone will be supported by these networks, 9to5 Mac points out that Apple and T-Mobile have not yet announced an official agreement for T-Mobile to carry the iPhone. However, T-Mobile has already announced previously that it has more than one million unlocked iPhones on its EDGE (2G) network in the US.

Source: T-Mobile to rollout iPhone-compatible 4G HSPA+ 1900 MHz network in ‘large number of markets’ by end of 2012 | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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