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Can an iphone be unlocked?

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Oct 28, 2014
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We found a nice iphone 5 buried in my son's room (don't even ask what his room looks like) and did everything to locate its owner. I left voice mails at the phone number that came up on the phone saying it was lost. I left text messages as well. I even went online, paid for a reverse phone look up and found the person's name and contact information for relatives. No answer there or disconnected numbers. I really did everything to try to get the phone back to its owner.

At this point its either let the phone go to waste (tried the Apple Store no help). or unlock the phone and let one of my kids use it. The Apple Store said there is no way to unlock it. Is that really true?
If the "Find My iPhone" is turned on, then there's nothing you can do with it if you don't know the AppleID and password for that phone.

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There is no way to bypass iCloud activation lock. Without the Apple ID and password of the original owner that iphone is little more than an expensive paperweight.

In your post you state that you did everything possible to trace the owner of the phone. That's not exactly true. The one thing you didn't do, and should have done as soon as you found the phone in your son's room, was turn the phone into the police. The police have far more resources at their disposal to trace the rightful owner than you do. That phone is still the legal property of the original owner and you don't have the right to keep and use it.

iPhone Forums will not help you find a way to use an iiPhone that is not your property.

With that, this thread is now closed.
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