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Camera Randomly Freezing


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Jan 3, 2016
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My camera randomly freezes. Usually force quitting the app fixes it. Sometimes, I have to reboot the iPhone to get it working again. Any help would be appreciated.
Is your iPhone up to date? The latest software for your device is 9.2.

Resetting all settings might help as well. You'll find this in Settings - General - Reset. This will set back your settings to default (also Wi-Fi, e.g.), so you'll have to go through the Settings app, and select/set up everything again.

If your problem persists, try restoring it using iTunes. Before restoring, make sure there's a most recent backup. After restoring, it's possible to restore from that backup.

If that doesn't help, set it up as new.

The last option would be to take your device to the next Apple Retail store, and let them have a look at your iPhone.
Thanks for suggestions. Will try resetting all settings first. Could it be possible that one of my apps which has access to the camera, be causing it to freeze? I am on 9.2.